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Effective recruitment process

Effective recruitment process

We recruit and employ based on developed standards, adapted to international market requirements. We carry out the process both remotely and stationary (depending on the position).

Extensive international experience

Extensive international experience

  • 25 years of experience on the international market;
  • about 400 employees per year on projects;
  • various locations of the company’s branches in Europe

Customer service

Customer service

We base our work on contact with Candidates and Employees, therefore in our daily activities our priority is to provide the best customer service in the field of presenting attractive job offers;



Work on all projects is carried out on the basis of the highest standards of health and safety and COVID-19.

Semisul Poland

About Us

Semisul Poland

Semisul Poland specializes in recruiting and employing qualified staff to work on projects in the industrial and warehouse sector. We provide our employees with the opportunity to take up employment on the local and international market. Our clients are companies implementing projects in various locations around the world: in particular in the petrochemical, energy, chemical and warehouse industries.

In line with the market needs, we also carry out large investment and modernization projects, cooperating with the leaders of our industries. We are distinguished by extensive experience, a total of 25 years of operation on the international market (the main branch in Portugal has been operating since 1995), as well as outside Europe – Canada, Morocco, Suriname, Saudi Arabia.

We strive for continuous development, actively looking for new markets for the provision of services and the acquisition of candidates. We are at your disposal and we invite you to contact us and submit your applications.

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Robotnik magazynowy


Niemcy - różne lokalizacje

We offer:
  • Atrakcyjne wynagrodzenie
  • Zatrudnienie od zaraz
  • Możliwość zdobycia doświadczenia na międzynarodowym projekcie
  • Bezpieczne środowisko pracy
  • Skręcanie konstrukcji meblowych, rusztowań;
  • Składanie stacji roboczej i dystrybucja sprzętu IT;
  • Montaże przy użyciu podręcznych narzędzi np. wiertarki, wkrętarek, kluczy, młotków itp.;
  • Układanie taśmy 5s;

Cost Controller


Göteborg - Szwecja

We offer:
  • work on a long-term international project
  • attractive remuneration paid in Euro
  • possibility of advance payment after 2 weeks of work
  • accommodation, transport provided for the project, and on-site

Numer rejestracji frimy w WUP: 7961


This is a financial expert’s role who is responsible for estimating the time, labor, and materials required to complete a project and controlling expenditures so that costs align with the budget.

  • development and setup of the project’s budget
  • analyzes and controls the costs associated with a project,
  • participation in expenditure forecasts and performing schedule analysis, classifying costs by type,
  • tracking man-hours allocated to a project,
  • verifying supplier invoices and managing change events that impact the budget.



Francja - Lyon

We offer:
  • Work for a leading warehouse company in the world
  • Attractive remunaration, paid in Euro
  • Accommodation, transport provided for the project and on-site
  • The opportunity to gain and expand experience on the interenational warehouse market
  • Creating, developing and executing detailed project planning activities including: project scoping, team planning, scheduling, budgeting, communication planning, risk identification and mitigation.
  • Project execution and control activities, including: quality assurance and control, issue resolution, risk monitoring and control, compliance management, change management, team development, performance reporting, exception management and communications.
  • Planning, monitoring and resourcing projects.
  • Managing large teams of travelling employees and local temporary workers.
  • Daily scheduling of staff and submitting timely staffing requests to HR and staffing agencies.
  • Acting as the liaison between on-site client contacts, General Managers and company managers and participating in on-site client meetings.
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety rules in the work environment


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